Adapting to Decentralized Clinical Research: Practical Lessons on Oversight and Quality
June 11, 2020 at 9am PT / 12pm ET

About the Webinar

In these challenging times, clinical research that isn't COVID-related is almost entirely stalled. With travel restrictions, conventional research sites have limited or no enrollment. Companies need a path to continuing their studies.

In this webinar we will discuss practical advice on decentralizing clinical trials. Decentralized clinical trials allow patients to participate far beyond the reach of conventional sites -- meaning at-home, via telemedicine, and in local community doctor's offices that are still seeing patients.

The webinar will pay special attention to ensuring study quality. While techniques like telemedicine and ePRO are widely understood, ensuring FDA-submittable quality and adhering to GCP are more challenging in a virtual study, and an area of unique experience for Curebase.

Specific topics include:

  • Structuring your site
  • Investigator oversight
  • Ensuring endpoint quality
  • Consenting
  • Validation
  • Source data
  • Patient engagement
  • Monitoring
  • Managing safety events
  • IRB engagement

About Curebase

Curebase is a leading provider of decentralized clinical research software and services. The Curebase platform enables any patient and any healthcare provider to be part of a clinical study, accelerating enrollment and enabling novel study designs with diverse populations. Curebase operates as a complete eClinical software platform, virtual research site, and full-service CRO.

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