An IRB Perspective on the Past, Present and Future of Decentralized Clinical Trials
July 9, 2020

About the Webinar

The purpose of an IRB is to assure that appropriate steps are taken to protect the rights and welfare of humans participating as subjects in the research. Putting the patient first in clinical trials is a grounding value we must never stray from. At Curebase, we believe it is important to seek advice and understanding proactively from those that represent the patient's best interest. As technology advances in clinical research, the rights of the patients must be at the forefront of our minds, as naturally technologists may get caught up in their own inventions and stray from the original goals of better serving the patient. We’ve built Curebase from the ground up with this in mind, as we move decentralized clinical trials forward into new areas of research.

To gain insight into the considerations and position of the IRB on decentralization of clinical studies, our CEO Tom Lemberg sat down with the President of IntegReview IRB, Melanie Flores, to discuss. In this webinar, Melanie shares from her 20+ years of experience how the perspectives and considerations for decentralized clinical trials have evolved, and what to consider for future studies, as technology progresses, in protecting patient’s rights.

About Curebase

Curebase is a leading provider of decentralized clinical research software and services. The Curebase platform enables any patient and any healthcare provider to be part of a clinical study, accelerating enrollment and enabling novel study designs with diverse populations. Curebase operates as a complete eClinical software platform, virtual research site, and full-service CRO.

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