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What is the purpose of this study?
The goal of this study is to test the effectiveness of a new smartphone application as a delivery method for cardiac rehabilitation. With your help, we will be able to increase accessibility of cardiac rehab programs to help patients avoid future cardiac issues.
What will happen in this study?
If you decide to join this study, you will be asked to complete two study visits. Study visits can be completed either at a study center, or via virtual call and mobile provider at your home, depending on your location. These visits involve body measurements, blood draws, and surveys. You will also be asked to download and use an app on your personal smartphone for 12 weeks. We estimate around 1.5hours for the virtual and in-person activities.
Your privacy will also be kept secure and private. Only a “participant study number” will be used to when presenting your data to anyone outside of the study team.
What will happen to the data provided?
Data will be pseudonymized and shared with the research sponsor to enable the development of their treatment. If the sponsor discovers significant results from their data analysis, they may decide to run another study in the future.
Who is organizing and funding the research?
Mighty Technologies, Inc., the study sponsor, is a San Francisco, USA-based start-up company. Their goal is to create a highly-personalized, at home digital health coach to help people heal after experiencing a heart disease or cardiac event. Their home-based cardiac rehab program is backed by research and developed in partnership with leading cardiologists from across the nation.
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