Healthcare Providers

Community-based healthcare professionals

With Curebase we simplify the ability of a doctor to contribute to research. Our software, coupled with our virtual research coordination team, fills the gaps individual clinics need to take part in clinical trials. For our doctors, it's as simple as treating their patients.

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Cloud-based research coordinators partner with local physicians

We supply clinics with the staff they need to participate in clinical trials. Our virtual research coordinators take on all the logistics associated with clinical research, so physicians can focus solely on treating their patients. The partnership of local clinicians and cloud based staff allows any clinician interested in research to be a part of it.

Identify and treat patients
Ensure safety of the patient
Confirm patient eligibility
Remotely consent patients
Collect and organize source documents
Engage with sponsors and monitoring requests
Recruit supplemental patients with a central campaign
Telemedicine visits with central PIs

With Curebase software, our team can have deep insight into the patient journey just like site-based researchers.

Cloud-based research
coordinators partner with local physicians

  • Step-by-step guided patient app
  • Real-time patient monitoring
  • Live dashboards and status updates

Are you a provider interested in getting involved in hassle-free research?

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